Our Boys

Sylvan's King Kong Brutus

Brutus is 22 months old and maturing nicely at 230lbs. We are very impressed with Brutus. He is a very typey mastiff puppy with an English head and big bone. Brutus has a wonderful personality and loves to socialize, especially with the staff at the veterinary clinic.  His pedigree contains quality Old English Mastiff lines from Greiner Hall, Rockport and lines from kennels out of the UK such as Brookview Mastiffs and Mistlethwait Mastiffs. We plan on getting Brutus ready for the show ring and I believe he will do well. 

Davis' Incredible Hulk Hogan

Hulk is maturing nicely. He is 2 years old. He has a very nice head and bone structure. His temperament marvels his dad, St. Patrick's Headline News 'Shamus'. We are expecting that Hulk will develop to be an exceptional mastiff.