​Davis' Dignified Samson Supreme

Samson (pictured here at 9 months old) is out of Boudro X Chaka. He is maturing to be a very typey mastiff. Samson's size and and English head is a result of breeding quality lines. Sampson is enjoying life with his wonderful family, the Branhams. 

Scott and Jennifer Branham


Davis' Zeus

"Zeus is doing great, he is growing fast. I am convinced we made the right decision going with you. Zeus is very smart, you can see it in his eyes. This has been a very favorable experience for us and we have no nervousness about him being a healthy mastiff"

Dennis Shannon


Davis' Summers Tequila Rose Reminisce "Rosie" 

"Rosie is doing very well and is growing a bit every day. Her face is filling out nicely. She just loves kids.... All kids. She is a cuddly puppy and she eats quite well. At the moment I have her on 3 feedings a day. I would like to thank you so much for my beautiful girl. I have strangers off the street coming up and asking to take pictures with my pups and their kids! The kids think it is so cool that Rosie is related to the dog from the Sandlot movie. Anyways, thank you so much and talk to you soon."

Kris Hall

Davis' Gotta Lotta Gusto "Gusto"

"Having Gus in the family has made all of us better pet owners but more importantly, better people.  Can't remember life before him.  Thanks so much for opening up our lives to the wonderful world of being owned by a Mastiff."

Susan Starks


Davis' Mighty Brutus

"Davis'  Mighty Brutus is going to grow up to be mighty indeed!! He is getting taller every day. Brutus is a beautiful boy, good disposition, great personality, loves everyone and is very smart too! I don't think there is anything else to say but thank you! We think you did a great job producing this pup!"

Dave and Cheryl Arminio


Davis' Milo

Here is Milo at 5 months. He is currently 100 lbs. He is a very well mannered good guy. Great around kids. He is a very good friend.  I'm really glad I went with your awesome breeding.

Thanks again,

Chad Hines

Davis' Winston

Winston is a happy, healthy, handsome, inquisitive, and loving boy. He weighed in at 160 lbs. at 9 months old and is obviously still growing.

Winston acclimated very easily to his adopted home and new family. He loves to play with his sister Euchre (English Mastiff) and  brother Archie (English Bulldog). We enjoy every day with him and he enjoys eating us out of house and home. He devours bones (I mean big raw hides) in a matter of minutes but cuddles with his monkey and groundhog (stuffed animals). We’ve crate trained him which has been a breeze but sometimes it’s hard to get him to come out.  He LOVES his crate, his memory foam mattress and his pillow.  He’s our Prince. 

Tell Zeus and Sahara thank you for letting us adopt this bundle of joy and that their boy is safe with us.

Thanks again,

Amy & Ponch

Davis' Leona de la Arena

"Thank you so much for the beautiful pup Mr. Davis. My husband and I already can see the gentle giant in her furkid self. We are so Blessed to have "Davis' Leona de la Arena". The little Sand Lion (translation) has warmed our hearts and has already become a big part of the family. Cats, dogs and all she's happy go lucky and a pleasure to be around. Thanks again and have a great weekend."

Patricia Rumbaugh